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I generally charge $200 an hour, $150 if the SOW is more than ten hours. Work-related expenses such as photography, font or art purchases, travel, are billed to my client as incurred. I will bill you via email or PayPal.


Before we even get started, I’m going to give you an estimate on what the work is going to cost. For larger projects or first-time clients, I will charge a certain percentage of the estimate up front, usually 25%. Once that retainer is received, I commence work on your project. I will gladly liaise with third-party vendors, but I have them bill my client directly. I generally bill in stages based on work progress and client approval.

Free stuff

Since I’m an idealist, I will occasionally do things for free or at cost. These things are for causes, people or ideas I believe in; usually having to do with LGBT and HIV issues or organizations, advocacy for minority groups in general, labor, veterans, or other Progressive causes. Most of my friends are Jewish, so that’s also an area of interest.

But since a man has to eat, I’ll also have to take into consideration whether your project is good for my portfolio. That said, asking will cost you nothing.