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New and Social media

The first thing to understand about new -- and social -- media is that they are conversations, not megaphones. The second thing is that they produce results that can be measured and optimized. The third thing is that you do not let your intern handle your social media accounts, as little as you would let
him or her host a press conference or send out an email to your key stakeholders. And remember that you only have three seconds to capture your audience’s attention -- for men, women will give you nine. Learn more.

The most critical tool in the box is email. Getting it right is half the game in nine out of ten cases. The next forty percent is a relevant, appealing, proof-read web site (a single typo can ruin a site experience). Everything else is the remaining ten percent.

Here’s an overview of my specialties in the field:
Email creation, tactics, targeting, A/B testing and management, database analytics, social media strategy, development and integration, CRM, SEO, CSS, HTML  

Site development and integration

List optimization/segmenting/growth management

Cross-platform ad development, targeting and analysis (Facebook, Google, etc.)

Oneline branding

Some tools that I use:
Drupal, WordPress, Tumblr, Radian6, Facebook, Twitter, Tweetdeck, Pinterest, Instagram, Digg,
StumpleUpon, Reddit, Flickr,Google Analytics

Graphic Design and Branding

I’m a New Yorker and a classically trained typographer. My design work reflects the City in which I make my home and its clean, cool, visually sophisticated style. In terms of sitemaps and GUIs, I tend to believe that less is more and simpler is better.

Writing, Editorial, Blogging

I’m one of the first bloggers in the State of New York and, in the judgment of my peers, one of the best.

I was invited by the Democratic National Committee to blog the 2008 convention in Denver, and in 2010, won an award for the best non-political piece on Daily Kos, the world’s largest leftwing blog. I’ve been quoted in The New York Times, The New York Observer and the New York Daily News.